Working at a computer can cause back, neck and shoulder pains, headache
Tiny Alarm is a simple alarm countdown with a slider from 1 to 60 minutes.
You can type yourself a message to remind you why you set the alarm and more.
System Alarm is free PC alarm clock for your desktop alarm system.
PCEye is a powerful and practical PC-based Computer Anti-Theft Security Alarm.
Set your alarm, put it in the tray and relax.
Spam Alarm for Outlook and Outlook Express POP3 is an anti-spam and junk e-mail.
MP3 Alarm Clock is a Windows compatible alarm clock that plays file formats.
Alarm Timer is an alarm clock on PC.
Music Alarm Pro lets you wake up/remember important event to your favorite songs
Trident Mp3 Digital Alarm is a state of the art alarm system for Windows PC's .
Alarm Clock is a very simple program to tell you the time.
This is a simple program that displays the date and time.
Uses Microsoft® Agent to remind you of events and appointments.
Alarm Clock to speak / play when alarm fires, supports easy snooze operation.
Alarm clock is a simple and useful time management software
ALARM CLOCK - is a great utility!
Fully functional alarm clock for all PDA's running Microsoft Windows Pocket PC.