Working at a computer can cause back, neck and shoulder pains, headache
Spam Alarm for Outlook and Outlook Express POP3 is an anti-spam and junk e-mail.
Tiny Alarm is a simple alarm countdown with a slider from 1 to 60 minutes.
Desktop clock with alarm. Clock type: analog, digital, both.
Alarm Timer is an alarm clock on PC.
Atomic Alarm is an easy-to-use alarm clock that reminds you waked up.
System Alarm is free PC alarm clock for your desktop alarm system.
MP3 Alarm Clock is a Windows compatible alarm clock that plays file formats.
You can type yourself a message to remind you why you set the alarm and more.
Set your alarm, put it in the tray and relax.
This Document talks about an Alarm Clock with which you can set Daily Alarms.
Easy to set and use minute alarm. Flashing and sound notification.
Wake up with this alarm clock loaded with customizable features.
A computer alarm clock with graphic program.
PCEye is a powerful and practical PC-based Computer Anti-Theft Security Alarm.
Alarm clock is a simple and useful time management software
This is a simple program that displays the date and time.
A simple alarm for PC.