you can create 4 desktop in windows,using different desktop to do works.
Multi desktop helps you to run more programs and open more windows not crowdly!
Desktop Stoners will walk out onto your desktop, grab there favorite toy.
Keep a second password protected screen. Fast switch out.
Put your Explorer Desktop in a window! Yes, it's true folks. My Desktop place...
Switches virtual desktops in a seamless 3-dimensional manner.
Say you're at your computer doing something private and someone comes in... P...
Desktop Messager - draw/write messages on the desktop and record/play them!
Desktop Stoners: Nixon Dymes is a desktop screenmate like no other.
Desktop Stoners Smoke Up Your Desktop!
Give the desktop it's own taskbar button.
Edge Desktop Pro is a virtual desktop utility that combines ease of use
Desktop Curtain displays your favorite desktop picture.
The Context menu addition which automatically restores icons.
Animate your desktop with this tool.
A program that can be used to tidy up your windows desktop.
Simple Desktop Calendar.
The award-winning virtual desktop with an innovative approach.