The XviD codec will enable you to watch XviD movies xvid codec for wmp.
Ut Video Codec Suite is a lossless video codec for Windows.
A video codec software pack,includes xvid code,ogg vorbis,mpeg2,codec file mkv.
XviD Media Codec includes the open-source MPEG4 codec
MLC is lossless codec using VfW standard.
Canopus DV Codec helps you to play and import DV videos with any tool.
WTVC Codec is a lossless screen capture codec provided by WebTrain Communication
A video codec for PC, whereas codec is an abbreviation for [co]der/[dec]oder.
Geovision's CCTV MPEG-4 codec,which is also known as "GEOX" or "GEO-MPEG4 Codec"
iSCC is the most optimized codec for screen recording.
Help Windows 7 users to view DNG files in the Windows Explorer and Photo Gallery
the most used and popular codecs are included in this comprehensive pack.
Codec for converting unicodes to LaTeX markup and vice versa.
It implements the interface defined by the WIC to provide WebP support.
(Lossless Windows codec that compress motion) with good compression ratio
Codec Tweak Tool can scan the registry
Midvid Mideo Codec is up to 4 times as fast as the nearest competing codec
It is the CODEC driver who is actuated on Windows and conformed to MSACM.