A simple IRC bot written in Ruby. It's only 100 lines long!
Add advanced Gantt chart or scheduling capabilities to your WPF application.
An application I have written for managing external hard drives
WFindStrDotNet is the 3rd member of my text search family.
The program is used for identifying if two different texts.
PoKeQuesT allows you to create a Pokemon MMORPG.
Join Me! is an IRC server written from scratch for the Windows operating systems
Bartender's administration software, with cocktail lists, and money
It is very small, blazingly fast and it features very low memory usage.
Control component simpifies that process!
The suite of Gestion LinEx is being moved to Lazarus.
Recursively generate music playlists. Unicode compatible.
An implementation of the QQ client protocol written in Java.
PoKeQuesT allows you to create a Pokemon MMORPG.
ntalk is a chat application.
This was written to emulate a flexible version of delegates from the C# language
Clear View is a simple image viewer written in wxPython.
Sweeper was written to use on customers computers to remove all temporary files.