Calculate the kt factor tool.
Visual Basic 5/6 Programming Tutorials.
Allows you to print your cd-covers in the right size
Display of existing Access Reports in Visual Basic .
Free tools to create .NET applications on Windows using Visual Basic.
Add advanced Gantt chart or scheduling capabilities to your WPF application.
An utility for Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual Studio.
L-Basic is an interactive Basic programming tutorial.
This is a useful utility which contains six programs you can use at home.
Create Visual Basic applications that can automatically print barcodes.
Visual Basic 6.0 + activex controls (HVXPD) free download at
Add advanced Gantt scheduling capabilities to your application in little time.
Advanced Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Book (Second Edition)
Add-in providing automatic code completion for all MS development environments.
a tutorial that provides a detailed introduction to using Visual Basic
Help kids learn programming with Visual Basic Express
An advanced listbox control, supporting font, color and checkbox.
Place the MapPoint ActiveX Control on a Visual Basic form.