Text Compare, Binary Compare, Folder Compare & Merge Utility.
AJet is the new name for Re-volt, previous internet browser.
A music player written in C# supporting latest Windows 7 features.
CrossPlatform Task Scheduler.
Unsorted list of features, howto's, suggar and evils of ruby (on rails).
English to Portuguese dictionary with over 18,000 words
Comprehensive English to Turkish dictionary with over 30,000 unique words.
Extensive English to Ukrainian Dictionary with over 60,000 unique English words.
Ukrainian to English Dictionary with over 54,000 entries.
Powerful video convertion software that converts between all popular video forma
Extensive English to Russian Dictionary with over 20,000 unique English words
A text editor with advanced find and replace features.
Software for viewing, editing and converting embroidery files arising.
WinDVD, the World's #1 DVD Playback Software
Many full client features; immune to viruses; use to delete SPAM mail.
Extended English to Italian phrase book with over 2100 phrases and pronunciation
VistaCompanion enables you to customize new features available in Windows Vista.
StackMeasure is a plugin for the ImageJ image analysis platform.