Find and fix or delete broken shortcuts in a click.
Brokenlinks is a tool to help you find and track broken links on your website.
MS Excel add-on helps you to find and fix broken links in Excel linked files.
Enjoy bulb broken Wallpaper on your desktop!
Check if links to other Excel files in your current worksheet are valid
Integrity - website broken link checker .
SiteLinkChecker checks Web sites for broken links and shows status of each link.
Report,find,fix broken links in local copies of sites files automatically.
A family of deer great the morning sun on a stunning summer day.
Report,validation and repath and repair of Xrefs and AutoCAD drawing files.
LinkFixerPlus for Microsoft Office can create a variety of detailed report.
TotalFix is a program that helps you fix broken avi files.
Search and report link status.
The only download manager for Windows using Microsoft BITS technology!
App Paths is a program I wrote to manage Run dialog shortcuts easily
A plugin instrument designed for the musicians who love chaos.
It is a freeware that can detect and deactivate or remove broken Filter Drivers.
Search local web files (HTML, PHP and ASP) for unlinked media files