Find and fix or delete broken shortcuts in a click.
It is the reliable and safe decision for maintenance of safe access.
Brokenlinks is a tool to help you find and track broken links on your website.
MS Excel add-on helps you to find and fix broken links in Excel linked files.
Enjoy bulb broken Wallpaper on your desktop!
This is a very easy to use folder locking utility.
It can lock your desktop so that none can use you computer.
Check if links to other Excel files in your current worksheet are valid
Lock the windows desktop with a password
A free tool to delete files blocked by something you do not know.
Integrity - website broken link checker .
Address a common oversight in some applications!
Lock PC, its resources when you are not around and restrict access to computer.
Folder Vaccine Pro- Easily Hide, Lock or Password-Protect any File or Folder...
Securing your designs, locking AutoCAD dwg file,protect intellectual property
SiteLinkChecker checks Web sites for broken links and shows status of each link.
Folder Vaccine PC - Easily Hide, Lock or Password-Protect any File or Folder.
A handy program for use on windows to reproduce the Lock Workstation