Tweaker with over 300 tweaks and uttilities
More Than 257 High-Quality 32Bit XP Icons. frogsice for winxp
Turn your XP desktop into dark and shiny Zune inspired work space.
makes a BartPE CD with tools on it for recovering from a WinXP Crash
Skinnable visual components package for Delphi. Has full alpha-channel support.
The menu is dynamically generated by Flash Action Script for more versatility.
Get a reliable connection to Wi-Fi anywhere a wireless network is available
A bit more work added options to change the grid dimensions.
A clock to bring you more convenient life.
It is a stand-alone Java executable, so it should run on any platform.
Allows you to adjust the transparency levels forStart Menu and taskbar.
Get file, folder, path, full path, name to clipboard.
A.I. Friend is a research tool and a calculator.
A filemaker runtime program for calculating cast offs.
A utility to clean past items for the system tray even if they are not visible.
WinPedit is the Windows version of the DOS era Pedit program.
A Messenger server/client program that you can customize
PSR Style viewer and to edit CASM