DimichSoft SecurityDog - doesn't allow to Restart or to Shut down computer
Change TCP/IP settings by one-click and save unlimited TCP/IP profiles
Get the Ultimate Windows Experience on Your Mac
WhyReboot is a small Windows application.
Now with ULTRA MEM 1.0, you can keep your computer's memory clean of trash soft.
This cunning screensaver pretends to cause a crash on the computer
Mouse Lock is a Windows based application designedto prevent?unauthorized use...
Completely prevent all viruses, spyware or other malicious software.
This file will change the Icons and names of the Recycle Bin!
Automagically reboot a computer when there is no internet connection detected.
Remote access software and desktop control of any computer over the Internet.
Enjoy the benefits of virtualization without being too technical and for free!
Easy-to-use, reliable and secure remote access software for mobile phones.
BB is a very small and simple webcam viewer utility for MacOS X.
Isurveillancesoft Shutdown Timer is an excellent auto shutdown software.
Fixes slow downs, makes your computer faster, and more reliable.
Shuts down and optionally reboots a computer.
Restart Windows without rebooting.