The Aperture to Final Cut Pro plugin lets you take your images stored in Apple.
Generate an archive of images in several different compression formats.
Designed from the ground up for professional photographers, Aperture.
ImageArchiver for Aperture helps you to export images to compressed files.
Apple Aperture is the best way to better your images.
FlickrExport is an export plugin for Aperture.
Aperture Assistant privides automation and workflow helper for Apple Aperture.
A very usefull, free calculator designed for science students.
Provide styled icons for all Aperture raw image formats.
Screensaverfine - Free space screensaver
BorderFX is an Aperture plug-in for adding borders and titles to images
You have the right to be Rich. There is nothing wrong with Getting Rich
Sheet Cutting Suite - 2D Nesting software to optimize sheet layout.
Hydra overexposed shots to get a natural sight of a scene.
Cutting List and Steel Summary
The wavelength may be changed inside the visible spectrum.
Science Manual is a must have tool for researchers and students.
Easily add 1200 Scientific Graphs & Charts to your word docs.