This file contains MATLAB functions, m-files,
Static Huffman Coding and Decoding
Free Three Coding Algorithms ,Ceasar, Bosfor, Vijiner.
Mp3 Tagger can help you control the important tags easily.
Insert these 2 lines into the to have your local pages refresh while coding.
Code-Free programming gateway wherein the programmer need not write code.
PDF recompressor using JBIG2 called pdfJbIm.
Add midi files and pictures to your polyphonic cell phone without using cables.
In computer science and information theory, Huffman coding is an entropy encode
The set of MATLAB codes demonstrate an example of hamming code
Checks a page on your hard disk to determine if any common HTML coding errors...
A small, light-weight, function-rich web design application.
EasyQuick Web is an applications without any coding for Developing PHP
A new way of writing HTML and CSS code.
Create advanced pop-up windows, image rollovers, form elements.
A very simple to configure scrolling news ticker.
Open SVC Decoder provides a real-time coding framework for H.264/AVC.
Internet and Website application development framework.