It is a easy-to-use software that change your desktop wallpaper.
Tired of "Centered" or "Tiled" wallpaper
Wallpaper Montage is a desktop utility that will create desktop wallpaper
Themes Wallpapers - Wallpaper Changer Sundo
Fusoft Wallpaper Randomizer is program for management desktop wallpaper. It a...
Oibaf Wallpaper Changer resides on the system tray area.
Application used to manage your desktop wallpaper. Easy to install and use.
Wallpaper Scout creates re-distributable flash wallpaper installer
Flash Wallpaper essentially converts a Flash (.swf) file into a distributable.
Wallpaper Software for Changing or Downloading Desktop Wallpapers.
Change the desktop wallpaper automaticaly!
I myself have my wallpapers stored over a wireless network
Wallpaper let you change your wallpaper every few minutes.You choose the pict.
Chameleon Wallpaper Changer is a basic wallpaper changing utility for Windows.
The free wallpaper changer that rotates your desktop automatically.
Give your desktop a new look by changing wallpapers at certain intervals.
Wallpaper Changer Lite is a free software utility designed to change the desktop
System Tray Wallpaper Changer