A productivity add-in for Visual Studio .NET
Enables remote debugging, remote testing, and unit testing on computers.
A freeware add-in for Visual Basic
a freeware add-in for Visual Basic
MZ-Tools provides a main menu, handy context menus to access its feature.
A set of developer tools designed to complement Visual Studio Tools for Office.
A freeware add-in for Visual Basic
installs the Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime.
A Visual Studio extension providing syntax highlighting and IntelliSense support
allows developers to integrate tools, editors inside Visual Studio 2008 Service.
Add-in providing automatic code completion for all MS development environments.
Create Silverlight applications for Windows Phone 7.
Provides tools and templates for building Visual Studio extensions.
This CTP enables Visual Basic developers to create Windows Phone 7 applications.
component library created especially for developing multimedia applications
Domain Specific Languages and Architecture Tools SDK for Microsoft Visual Studio
The download is installed after the installation of Visual Studio 2005 SP1.