With Sardonyx eMailer you can send thousands text or html emails in few minutes!
You must send emails, news, promotions to all of your contacts or customers? ...
Let you easily send mail message to hundreds of recipients at the same time.
A wizard style program that allows you to talk to your computer.
A small mass e-mail sender.
Allows you to screen your e-mails before they are downloaded to your computer.
Mass emailing made simple!
Dr. Bulk eMailer Pro Support multi-threads multiple-SMTP and Direct (DNS) send
Powerful but easy to use Mass Emailer for bulk email operations.
A software helps you to send and read encrypted email messages
Wake Up News is a utility that automatically loads the newspapers ofyour choi...
Personalized group mailer with built in SMTP client.
Powerful but easy-to-use Mass Emailer for bulk email operations.
Ask For Password is a classic Mac OS password protection.
eMailer is SMTP mail client program it send File to multiple email address.
Send out newsletters, price lists or invitations to a list of contacts.
Sending customized emails to subscribers and manipulate mailing lists.
MC News Font Install