Import users into active directory from a CSV file.
Generate and manage table of users and group memberships.
A Users Login System (with remember me option) based on PHP/MySQL
Stored procedure shows detailed information about database users.
Instantly unlocking computer accounts in an Active Directory enabled environment
Active Directory Bulk User Import Tool. Bulk import or modify AD Users.
Profile Cleaner scans a server containing terminal server user profiles
Displays a current or historical list of users logged on to a specified Windows.
digitial image's exif information extracting and exporting tool.
This library will carry the management of an users database for login verific...
Tweet Whistle is a powerful and affordable Twitter marketing solution.
LDAP Users Admin is a Webmin module for those who use LDAP directories
It is a disc index program which can help users to search and create database.
It allows users to rename multiple files with consecutive numbers leading zero.
IP.Blog is a powerful blogging system.
IP Security is an efficient IP address banning system.
Allows up to four users to use iTunes on one computer.
Lets you save your query results sets in a single file.