A module for user registration and login for free
Allows you to change behavior/appearance of user picture in Start Menu.
Complete Pre-Built Php User Registration System for your website
3D User Picture replaces the user picture in Vista's startmenu.
Edit user content without getting in touch with sensitive profile data.
Create a hidden user account and use your computer without leaving any history.
This is a Script for track your website visitors based on statistical data.
User management in Windows is usually a one-by-one operation.
XP Home User manager is software provides a GUI to manage users and groups.
Use user management tool and manage user accounts within the Domain.
Multiple User Logger is an extension/INIT the keeps track of the logins and l...
Managing Firebird database server user accounts.
Designed to be a simple yet powerful tool for managing Interbase database
Offer a framework for developing user interface processes.
Auto Attendant Software Application for Professional Call Processing.
In yours network knew that which user registers which computer.
Manage local user accounts within a domain using Chily User Management tool