USBFW can detect automatically if a virus try to launch itself from your USB Key
A simple Firewall application. Internally it uses windows inbuilt firewall api .
This will repair the Windows Firewall
An iptables based firewall for systems running the Linux 2.4 or later kernel
An automatic proxy selector that will easily manage proxy connections for you.
NeTFirewall Easy Go is a comprehensive firewall solution built to protect system
bastion-firewall is a Netfilter based firewall for Linux
Armorwall Firewall is a firewall that keeps your personal data and privacy safe.
Browser-driven change control for Cisco PIX and Netscreen firewalls.
NeT Firewall is a comprehensive stateful firewall solution
Allows you to have handy control over native Windows Firewall (introduced in ...
VisNetic Firewall is a packet-filtering software firewall.
Protect yourself and take advantage of the firewall included in Windows XP SP2!
VIC OnCall Firewall for Windows provides users with Enhanced Security.
This simple freeware program is to simplify the process of enable.
A good personal firewall.
This is a small application
WinRoute Firewall is reliable antivirus software.