Intended for organizing subscription to mailing lists
Organize subscription to email mailing lists on Internet websites
Find and extract email addresses and create mailing lists.
Unlistr simplifies the process of unsubscribing from e-mail list.
Smart and efficient email unsubscribe tool, unsubscribe emails with domain alias
UnsubSafe is a proactive, intelligent anti-spam technology
Intended for organizing subscription to mailing lists
Direct email sender program ideal for newsletters, targeted marketing.
Newsletter Pro - Want to start your own newsletter for your business or website?
Email Automation Software Sends Personalized Bulk Email to Your Mailing Lists
NewsPro is a webinterface for sending a newsletter or announcement
Eezymailer allows your members/customers to subscribe to your mailing list
inwise Desktop Pro is a newsletter software to create and send newsletters provides a simple way to make newsletter/discussion list email
Free email marketing software - personalized bulk email, newsletter management
It allows you automatically process all emails you have in your POP3 mailbox.
Perl/CGI Mailing List Manager lets users sign up on your website
csNewsletter is a robust web based newsletter management system.