Tik-Tak is a small time management utility that features a stopwatch and timer.
Make waves with a dripping faucet, audio speaker, or laser!
The Diffraction and Interference is a diffraction tools.
Visualize and experiment with the interference pattern of two circular waves.
Investigates reflection and transmission of light through a thin film.
Site RFID is a design tool capable of mapping UHF RFID reader coverage.
This program illustrates the properties of waves including transmission.
Renders keystroke logging software useless
This applet shows multiple beam interferences.
Full system design for narrowband smart antenna systems used in communications
Designs and strength checks of force couplings of shafts with hubs
Making Waves is a wave interference construction set.
A Convenient, Portable Observing Aid.
Measure throughput performance of wired and 802.11 (WiFi) networks
EasyEye Picture Viewer is a very small, simple and ease-to-use image viewer.
An old-school demo effect, using sine wave interference patterns.
Here's PatternMon a utility to tune-up your 'X/Y-moir? monitor settings.
TamoGraph Site Survey is a tool for monitoring wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n networks.