Allow you to manage program associations, icons and context menus easily.
Types is a free and lightweight configuration utility
File Types is a package of icons
The Power FFAT is a very powerful File-Format-Analysis-ToolBox.
Calculate Shipping Rates for any of Fedex's Shipping Types
Convert it is a program converting various types of measurement units.
Metadata browser for .NET Framework 2.0
Helps students study and helps teachers test their students.
Get access to Outlook blocked unsafe attachments.
Manage and view your ZIP files in a tabbed interface without extracting.
Dictionary, list, set, and histogram types for relational algebra.
Learn all about skin types
Keep all of your personal data at one location
Keylogger Detector is easy-to-use tool to detect types of keylogger,kill them.
Regain valuable disk space by removing unwanted file types from your PC.
Provides a simple format to serialize object graphs into a textual
Allows you to edit the file types and creator codes of files.
It will try to offer a simple interface for solve common programming tasks.