Project Management Workstation for Project Managers of Translation Agency
Translation Office 3000 — Portable Headquarters of the Freelance Translator
Professional localization tool to create multilingual websites
Professional localization add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio.
MultiDictionary provide translations from various sources with a single request.
Project Management Software for Expert Teams: Corporate Experts and Freelancers
King James Bible Archaic Word Dictionary.
Utility used by translators to localize the RBL files Real Studio exports.
A Tool for Bible translators
It used to look up words in the norwegian common dictionary for computer words.
A helper utility to count characters in quoted strings in ANSI files.
a Flash localization solution for Macromedia Flash professionals and translators
termBlaster can help you search with not just web search engines
OpenXML/ODF Translator Add-ins for MS Office Word.
GUI to Microsoft Glossaries for Translators and Translation Agencies
Word, line, page, character counting toolbar for MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
Finnish-English (Suomi-Englanti) Dictionary. 124647 entries.
English-Finnish (Englanti-Suomi) Dictionary. 107958 entries.