X-develop is our multi-language cross-platform IDE for professional developers.
Game Develop is a free creator software, allowing the development of 2D Games.
A simple ebook will let you know how to develop perseverance and achieve success
A simple ebook that will let you know how to develop poise to command attention.
You are psychic - everyone is!
A simple ebook that will allow you increase and develop your mental strength.
Intel Mobile Platform SDK/PDK for Win32.
Develop fast, flexible, UML/MDA platform running on the Win32 platform.
Workbench for Paradox is an add-on suite of tools
It for software developers who practice rapid application development techniques
Develop SIP based VoIP Server for IP-Telephony and Call-Centers.
Enables developers to RAD and package the same code into Web, Desktop and Mobile
documentation, samples, header files, libraries, and tools
3 Easy Steps To Make Your Ton Of Keywords List Ready To Upload to Adwords Editor
Automate and simplify the process of developing applications with Oracle.
The visual way to explore and understand words,numbers and concepts
It will let you learn the inner secrets to improve your memory.
PCBest SIP SDK is one of most widely used tool to develop SIP applications.