X-develop is our multi-language cross-platform IDE for professional developers.
Game Develop is a free creator software, allowing the development of 2D Games.
A simple ebook will let you know how to develop perseverance and achieve success
Enhance, organize, and share digital photos
Digital publishing software. Create digital Brochures or eBrochures and eBooks.
A simple ebook that will let you know how to develop poise to command attention.
Develop spreadsheets faster with UltraSleuth.
You are psychic - everyone is!
A simple ebook that will allow you increase and develop your mental strength.
The comprehensive solution for producing standards-based websites.
Digital and analogue measuring technologyThe high-end combination of DMM.
Intel Mobile Platform SDK/PDK for Win32.
Perform digital forensics and generate detailed documentations automatically.
DeskTopAuthor is the simplest, most intuitive PC software to create and distr...
PhotoStudio is a complete set with tools, filters and special effects
Your Digital Artwork Secure Against Piracy, Copy, Printing, Unauthorised Use
Ozone manipulates the color of an image with incredible flexibility.
Effortlessly create, organize, enhance, and share your digital photos.