Offer a framework for developing user interface processes.
Provides a simple user interface, analysis and graphical display
Standalone old MS Paint program.
Pyui is a user interface library written entirely.
LimeWire MP3 contains unique features including ghost ratings.
Allows users to save passwords for Web sites and Windows applications.
Multilingual User Interface Package
A tool for conducting searches through files for patterns of characters.
A serverless, text-based, chat application for use on LANs.
A cool task scheduler program with a cool look.
An extremely flexible and advanced UI for PuTTy.
Platform independent file manager
UHARC is a high compression multimedia archiver.
A new graphic user interface will change the way you work with your computer!
A simple video-security through cheap webcams.
A utility allows you to modify user account rights and user privileges.
To cater for the growing need to switch from hymn books to projector.
A small utility to select the Windows Vista installed language packages.