Text and Link rotator in the timing options you need and at the lowest price!
The PrintDirect ActveX works with all Windows programming languages。
Diagram editor for creating professional looking diagrams quickly.
Its a text encryption utility that encrypts text with a password!
Transform text or insert text chunks in any applications with 1-2 hotkeys.
SignGo is a signmaking software :Artistic Text,Text On Arc,Text On Path.
transform text into speech, it based on TTS(Text To Speech) technology.
CLIPTEXT - Access often-used pieces of text with ease
Copy file contents to clipboard, paste clipboard contents to file!
Read and edit text mixedly with English and Chinese voices
Screen OCR SDK Library is a powerful OCR library for programmers.
MA Memo is a tool for controlling information in the text format.
convert text to mp3, wav, wma, ogg on the fly with SAPI4/5 voices in your app.
MyLobEditor: Edit Mysql LOB (text, blob) data, Direct.
SendToClipboard is a small application designed to save you time.
A powerful text notes organizer for Windows Mobile-based Smartphone.
Actually reads/writes over the Internet.
File and clipboard encryption using the unbreakable otp-algorithm.