Schedule Start Stop is a simple program launcher or scheduler.
Six independent high-resolution timers are conveniently shown on a single screen
Auto Start and Stop an application.
Stop Screen Saver is a small utility.
A simple downcount Timer.
This Widget allows you to monitor and manage (in other words, start and stop)...
ApacheTray adds convenience to your everyday job with Apache HTTP Server.
Stop / Start Windows XP security notify.
This is a stop watch with a lap and split mode which enables you to make unli...
Help you stop all or start all ReGet Deluxe(tm) downloads by one mouse click.
Easily start services and programs from the taskbar.
Integer set type script initializes an integer set.
This application was created to utilize the autorun feature for removable drives
Auto Presser is an easy-to-use tool that can press a specified key automatically
USB PC Lock Pro Turns any USB Flash Drive into a key and protect your USB Flash
It is very useful when troubleshooting boot or security problems.
Allows you to share / unshare drives on your windows pc.
Gives you a live tile showing you the number of sleeps until Christmas.