Convert your csv files into sql statements in a file
Connect Filemaker Pro and Runtime to a SQL database through ODBC CSV 2 SQL is a csv file to sql insert statement converter.
The data scripting and reporting utility for Microsoft SQL Server.
Allows dumping a SQL Server Database to a text file
Generate SQL Query Statements, Adapters, Data Classes with One Button
how you might generate SQL code to insert the key-value pairs in a dictionary.
The program allows you to create SQL queries.
Makes it possible to insert meaningful testdata into any database.
An ASP text editor, an ASP.Net text editor, and an HTML editor.
Query Access, Excel Using SQL and execute SQL insert sheet for excel data.
Provides the power of pcpmSqlGen from within your own application.
Increase your code output efficiency by more than 70%.
SQL*XL provides a bridge between databases and Microsoft Excel.
Add-In and Wizard for Microsoft Access 97 - 2007
This script will open any Access DB and create the SQL Create Table script.
Imports web-server logs into an SQL-database.
mport your data quickly from MS Excel 97-2007, MS Access, DBF, XML, TXT