Control Spotify with your voice!
Automatically mutes Spotify audio advertisements.
Lyrify is a Spotify addon that automatically finds lyrics for your Spotify music
The iTunes killer? A new way to enjoy music (Spotify).
A clock will play your favorite music from Spotify.
Determines when Spotify is playing and automatically saves the song as an mp3.
A tool to convert Rhapsody playlists and libraries to Spotify playlists.
An extremely simple ad blocker for Spotify that works on a blacklist.
Spotify2Skype will allow you to display your current spotify song on Skype.
MyMusicBox lets you play Spotify with the included extensions.
The social media player.
An application to easily create new Grooveshark playlist from your Spotify songs
Distribute your audio and video files to the most of the world major web stores.
A free mini player for the desktop client of Spotify for Windows.
Automatically Record and Tag High-Quality MP3s from Online Music Sites & Videos.
Transfer playlists and albums from iTunes to Spotify.
Audio Essentials improves your PC to have home theater quality sound.
It helps you to turnoff the monitor display when you lock down your machine