L33t Speak is a fun utility to convert normal text to unreadable texts.
Will make your computer even more helpful and entertaining than ever.
Eve Speak is a text to speech program.
transform text into speech, it based on TTS(Text To Speech) technology.
This program can read text from the clipboard or can read
A microsoft speech platform text to speech rich text document reader.
SAYIT - Cool Text To Speech for the PalmOS 5.1 and higher.
Make your computer read your emails, documents, web pages, help files and more.
Create digital photo albums and embed sounds in photos.
Speak Clipboard is free open source voice reader for Windows XP.
Convert text to wav, mp3, ogg, speak text aloud
Provides native support for speech on Windows.
The application tonight allows remote users to send text to your PC
Add Speech to Instant Messages
ActiveWebSpeech V1.5 is a text-to-speech software. It can speak any web page,...
Text to Speak software is a program to easy convert any written text MS Word.
practice your spelling abilities - freeware
This Program is made for connecting to Team Speak server easer