Change your checkboxes design with this tool.
It is used to replace the boring and impossible to style browser GUI alert.
Choose web 2.0 buttons with this tool.
It provides 8 different styles bottons to set any font and background.
An automoving, transparent, fully skinnable 32bit desktop clock
This is an advanced, XML-configured Web Radio player
A fully customizable digital desktop timepiece for Windows XP.
A free skinnable MP3 player that plays MP3 files on your website.
Skins make it possible to change the layout and functionality of the software.
Tag set makes it easy to make skinnable forms and tables (and menus).
ABF Photo Camera is an extremely useful capture application.
It can help you keep in mind important information by displaying skinnable.
Desktop clock for Windows. With highly realistic skins, calendar and time sync.
Organize the latest headlines from various news sources and Get them.
The Keyboard allows you to customize your Pocket PC.
A simple Analog Clock that allows you to change its face and rim color.Part o...
It's a desktop program that calibrates the system time of your computer.
Allows to make third-party controls skinnable without modifing source code.