A pair of simple applescripts.
Web2Exe allows you to compile your website into a standlone executable.
Editor for Mac OS X's User Defaults database (Preferences).
Pageville Shopping Cart Editor
the secure, flexible, standards-based web publishing system
This Widget will help you in performing a good deed every day. It reminds you...
A desktop link to The Bear radio station (106.9) web site.Best rock in Ottawa...
FileMaker Pro plug-in which allows for storing and reading global variables.
RocketMyWeb allows you to view web sites on your own terms.
A specialized browser that you start off with a URL which can show all images...
Clawsker is an applet to edit Claws Mail's hidden preferences.
Allows your users to change font size on any SharePoint page.
Site Minder is a handy place to put all your favorite web site urls.
AstroMart Classifieds displays the latest Astro Adverts on the AstroMart web ...
keep your device clean and trouble-free
It is a comprehensive management tool of your favorite sites.
Site Search Pro is comprehensive php and asp web site search script.
PostByEmail is a Mango Blog plugin that allows you to send blog posts via email.