create your own custom shell folders that will stay on your desktop.
Shell Extension Manager helps you activate MS Windows shell extensions!
An editor for shell objects.
ShellReset is invaluable utility for developers of Windows Shell Extensions
Run an arbitrary string on the server as a shell command
The setting of Ghost in the Shell is cyberpunk or postcyberpunk.
A handy tool that allows you to open 64 bit folders in 32 bit explorer shell
Senational sea shells as you've never seen them before.
applications Windows Explorer features
A-Soft Analog Shell is a Win32 Shell for Analog 4,
Changes the priority of the parent process.
CDBFinfo Shell extension allows you to view brief information about a DBF files.
The Highly Experimental Ruby Shell (THERuSH) is a system shell written in Ruby.
With Shell Places Bar Editor you can easyly change buttons on places bar
This module introduces an alternative syntax a-la shell pipes
Linux Shell for Windows
It can be used for compiling/decompiling soundfonts.
All windows can be made always on top, transparent or collapsed to title bar.