Stop malicous web pages, software and others from changing your browser settings
Make global changes to your Finder and folder views.
Give you access to system settings, and enhance Windows with this free utility.
Run on any version of Unity, these settings are in the SA for Connection systems
WordPerfect 12 Backup Settings
WordPerfect 10 (2002) Backup Customized Settings
Screen Changer is a desktop utility for quickly changing display settings.
The Ultimate Settings/Configurations Library for .NET.
With NetSet, you can change your network settings with a single key press.
Tune your computer settings in a few clicks. If you are a systems administrator.
Improves internet surfing speed by changing 'hidden' settings
SetPoint is the name of Logitech's unified driver suite for mouse and keyboad.
An easy to use, password protected security application.
Back up your Internet Explorer settings and Favorites.
RegKey Backup is a handy utility for backing up and restoring Registry Keys
Easily switches IP addresses, gateway, DNS and WINS settings
MisFox - Missing Internet Settings For X
DunSpeed will speed up your internet connection by adjusting the TCP/IP settings