Restart services on a schedule whether they are running or not.
A light version of Service a must-have administration utility for Services.
NT Service for Private IM Network AM. Create your private IM Network with AM.
Try this all new alternate option to AM Server.
Run any windows application as a windows service
This tool allow you to get information on all the services in the current PC.
Service Manager NT adminstrate service across the whole domain.
This program can be used to monitor any service running on any machine on you...
Managing windows services from your application.
Creating a Research Service using the Amazon Web Service API.
Simple utility to quickly control a Win2K or WinXP service.
Get rid of popup ads sent through Messenger Service.
The Gravatar Cache Service is an application that lets various services cache
Services are a very useful part of Mac OS X.
Jet 3.51 Service Pack 3
Configure 10 different domains/hosts and disable each separately.
security enhancements, in addition to stability and performance improvements
Web Service Creator is the easiest way to create a highly optimized web service