Use the PHP Explode() command to create an array from a comma separated.
Align is a general-purpose text filter tool
nView is a simple application utility for viewing, editing, searching,etc...
Java to read, write, align and pack comma, tab and semicolon-separated files.
Create CSV files from text files in any format.
Create comma separated list or comma delimited or any delimited file.
A simple program that takes a text document with entries separated by new lines.
Lotus notes Address Book, Emails, Calendar export to Excel, XML.
MS Access Export Table To Text File Software.
Allows you to encode and decode files from/to three different formats
Wield your data.
A utility to convert Palm Desktop Address Book data into comma separated value
enjoyable experience especially when all you have is a standard text editor.
View, Analyze, Filter, Group, Export, and Print Data Files (CSV/XML/SQL Views).
Bulk Import Microsoft Active Directory members from text and CSV files.
A powerful tool that easily breaks MP3 files into smaller piecec
CSView has everything you need in a CSV file viewer - and nothing you don't
ClipName is also a Context Menu extension!