HOST Searching can search hostname and username.
A string searching algorithm based upon Boyer-Moore string searching
Find files, folders, duplicate files, registry keys, values and data!
Sorting and Searching Algorithms code contains all the common sorting/searching
Analysis must be chosen in the Program start menu
This is a script for ruby.
lftpsearch is a set of Perl scripts that are searching for files.
This is a very quick time application built using Microsoft ASP.NET.
MyDog makes it easy to search and find anything on the web.
File Seeker searches hard disks for files with the ultimate speed.
A browser for dictionary files created by the program CPT Word Lists.
Multi-Web JEDic is a special Japanese-English dictionary from EConTech
Turbo Searcher is the fastest utility in the world for finding any type of files
Search for files recursively on one or more ftp servers using multiple threads.
The Fastest File Searching Tool on Earth
Finds duplicate files rapidly. Fully support Unicode. Built-in powerful marker.
The program permits only two search engines to be selected at a time.
Findfiles is up to 100 times faster than the Windows XP find.