SageTV lets you enjoy your favorite TV shows and online video when you want
enjoy your favorite TV shows and YouTube video when you want
Help developers create applications and software components.
My Movies for Windows Media Center is a movie and tv series collection program
TVedia is the next generation networked Media Center PC software.
Free Media Center to enjoy all your PC medias on the TV set.
This tool enables Windows Media Center on Windows 8 Release Preview.
Overdrive is's new broadband video channel
Media Center Studio is a Windows Media Center.
Launch Boxee and manage the windows
A comprehensive software available for managing and playing your media.
Manage and play your LimeWire downloads with this fully integrated media center
Kazaa Media Center is the ideal companion for the popular Kazaa file sharing.
Designed to run on Windows XP with all the feel and look of a Media Center.
Launch Hulu Desktop and attempts to manage the windows
Effortlessly stream your entire media collection from your PC to iOS device.
Wii Media Center X was a free multimedia server developed by Red Kawa.
MCEBrowser is a plugin for Microsoft Windows Media Center