Perform date calculations in an easy-to-use and efficient manner
A Windows calendar that allows you to display and print any month or year. It...
Displays the current date in a tray icon.
Search and locate files on your computer.
What Date? is a simple, freeware date calculator for Windows.
A full-featured date time calculator, get result date or days between dates.
A very simple program to add times or subtract date/times.
Displays the day of the week, the date, and the time in the titlebar.
Delete files by date range, delete files by type, delete files by size Windows.
A program for converting between Julian Calendar dates and Gregorian Calendar.
A Julian Date calculator that displays the corresponding Julian Date for the ...
ThinkDesk is a revolutionary new utility suite for Microsoft Windows.
Calculate the difference between two date time, and output a full report.
Let you convert between Gregorian date and Hijri date and vice versa.
Advanced utility to change file-folder date-time, attributes and rename files.
Extends Date class with a method that return the last Date of a month.
Date - Maths is similar to Date Calculation in Windows 7 Calculator.
BatchRename provides a no-nonsense method for renaming files.