The third installment of Refresh from Dave Brasgalla .
Refresh file thumbnails in Vista and Windows 7.
This script will refresh the page one time at page load.
It will refresh ratio in (BD) FCS list-files.
Insert these 2 lines into the to have your local pages refresh while coding.
This collection contains 24 individual icons with large resources for Vista.
BizTalk Server 2004 SDK Refresh.
Refresh any page of a website automatically at pre-defined interval.
WatchEm automatically keep track of up to five eBay Auctions at once.
This snippet is an HTML meta tag.
A fresh take on basic folder icons from Dave Brasgalla
Adding some PC locking features on the tray menu.
This script (perceptually) refreshes a webpage
A useful RSS Reader.
FastAero - designed to emulate GlassAero interface
Receive text messages and/or hear voice alerts when price changes or auction ...
A Java library that permits to draw two-variables diagrams in a Cartesian plan.
Enjoy a vast collection of original, modern, contemporary, abstract