It is a small utility which zeroize"Read Only"attributes in selected directories
Read for Children is a software read books for children.
Text to speech software that has your computer read anything to you.
Read And Learn can help you to learn spoken foreign language.
It will enabling you to read and search in many translations of the Holy Bible.
Clear Read-Only is powerful tool for clearing Read-Only file attributes.
Read tabular data from Excel spreadsheets script reads data from spreadsheet.
MS Word Read Entire Documents Aloud Software can read words in MS Word files.
A REALbasic plugin to retrieve File Icons.
PDF Read Entire Documents Out Loud Software can read words in PDF files.
Read the Reader is a lightweight Google Reader Client.
Read Genius is a cute text to speech program that has your computer read anyt...
A very small and portable program with which you can read the window text.
This script helps you to read the number in English.
Tests read-speed of hard-disks, CDs, DVDs and other types of drives.
It can remove the read receipt request from each inbound e-mail message.
It quick and easy one-click English dictionary system for online reading.
Encrypt excel to Prevent copy,Prevent edit,Control print and authorized to open.