It is a free quit meter that tracks various statistics as you quit smoking
Quit! is a Mac OS X applet for quickly quitting all open applications.
encourage the user during the quit process
Utility to help quit cigarette smoking.
Counts the number of days since you quit smoking.
NoDip is a 5 Step program designed to help you quit smokeless tobacco.
Finder's Friend is a program that allows the user to restart or quit the finder.
Mental Self Help Quit Smoking Support to Be Smoke Free!
You'll be able to control your progress when trying to quit smoking.
Quit smoking software with quit meter,virtual support and lot's of information.
Cure or treat various addiction problems such as smoking and alcohol addictions
iPanic will simulate a Mac OS X kernel panic
Window Manager - Small program to manage windows.
Let your children learn how to draw and use their imagination.
Quit smoking today with new My Last Cigarette 2007 and stay quit.
This is a very simple app that halt the cpu when no application is using it, ...
CuteShield Track Eraser protects your privacy
DeskHedron is a tool which switch the desktop by using 3D GUI.