It is a free quit meter that tracks various statistics as you quit smoking
This is a very simple app that halt the cpu when no application is using it, ...
Quit! is a Mac OS X applet for quickly quitting all open applications.
encourage the user during the quit process
Utility to help quit cigarette smoking.
Counts the number of days since you quit smoking.
Allows to import and install App-V packages from an USB, local Disk or UNC Path.
NoDip is a 5 Step program designed to help you quit smokeless tobacco.
iPanic will simulate a Mac OS X kernel panic
A free, simple and portable time reminder that fades your desktop.
A very lightweight editor specialized in editing your CVS commit messages!
Designed to password-protect your Mac. is a simple word processor.
App Log is a free facility to log for online applications.
Finder's Friend is a program that allows the user to restart or quit the finder.
It provides "virtual workspaces" to help you to organize your use of the desktop
App::Cmd - write command line apps with less suffering
A free soccer app designed for all soccer addicts