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Zip and send files via Outlook to multiple recipients.
Mp3-Convert-Lord is a converter of creating mp3 music file
3 Programs to help you build pdf documents
Screeny is to capture screenshots of your desktop or windows quickly.
quickly launch any applications, folders, files or web links within the computer
Upload, manage and share your images and screenshots with one click
This tool will allow you to quickly lock out a large number of user accounts.
Create and manage various types of text notes quickly and easily.
A text paste tool. it can quickly and easily paste message into an application.
A easy to use application that can quickly empty the recycle bin.
Quickly Lock Your Computer.
Addition Flash Cards is a simple and easy way to learn addition quickly!
Learn multiplication facts quickly with Multiplication Flash Cards!
Screenshot Backdrop quickly creates a background for your screenshots.
Erase your Internet activity! Make your computer clean and private.Try it free!
WAP Prototype Maker is a tool to quickly generate a set of WML pages.
Hex Comparison is a binary file comparison and hex editor.