The Python X Library is a complete X11R6 client-side implementation.
Visual Tkinter IDE for Python. Visual Python Tkinter IDE. Tkinter GUI.
MySQLdb is the Python DB API-2.0 interface
In Python, any variable can be re-bound at will -- and modules.
PPA is a library of python modules useful to build web publication systems.
python-ldap provides an object-oriented API to access LDAP.
Python module to embed C/C++ code within Python programs and scripts.
This document describes Python library that wraps YouTrack REST API.
For Windows administrators who would like to use Python for their login scripts.
Generate a Windows command file that executes a Python program
PIL adds image processing capabilities to your Python interpreter.
How to freeze Python classes script raises an error
A learning environment for Python suitable for beginners and children.
ctypes is an advanced ffi (Foreign Function Interface) package for Python 2.3.
This is a C++-like template based inheritance implementation in Python.
One common aspect of programming is calling executables and processing results.
Distributed Objects for Python
It constructs sql query in python .