It is a simple puzzle game made in tribute to Apple's desk accessory program
With the Puzzle Widget, you can drop a photo from your computer or a web page...
It's very easy, it's fun for kids as well as for adults.
3D jigsaw puzzle screensaver. Animate your screen with 3D puzzle animations.
Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery is a puzzle party!
Solve a fun and challenging brillant jewel puzzle. Complete the puzzle to win!
Solve scrambled and slider puzzles using your own photos.
A free puzzle with the picture of a funny guitarist.
The jigsaw pieces move around in 3D, and you can display any image you want!
generate a variety of jigsaw puzzles automatically right in CorelDRAW document
Puzzlefun allows you to play a special puzzle game.
Image-Puzzle is a new screen saver for Mac OS X.
broken up your desktop,and slowly put back together again.
Create word search puzzles. Enter words shape, layout & generate puzzle.
A simple slide puzzle game....
Puzzle 48er is a puzzle game with 48 shape placing puzzles.
Japanese Puzzles are puzzles with a hidden picture.
[email protected] Puzzle Promo Creator is a wizard, which will assist in fast and easy c