The intelligent personal music manager for your PC.
A pair of simple applescripts.
own private data-space, protect folder or files password easily, open on any PC
Say you're at your computer doing something private and someone comes in... P...
Keep a second password protected screen. Fast switch out.
Private Message Plus is an IRC client for Windows 9x/2000/XP and NT4.
Editor for Mac OS X's User Defaults database (Preferences).
Store your private information.
Rectify situations where Print Center will not open.
MPF (My Private Files) can help you keep your information safe.
Hide Private Folders is a cute tool that hide your private folders easily.
For your eyes only: Lock sensitive and personal data!
FileMaker Pro plug-in which allows for storing and reading global variables.
Catalog of your personal information.
Organize your profile and private key.
Free disk encryption software
Help you keep your files protected from kids, friends and co-workers.
A password protected image viewer.