A pair of simple applescripts.
Editor for Mac OS X's User Defaults database (Preferences).
FileMaker Pro plug-in which allows for storing and reading global variables.
Clawsker is an applet to edit Claws Mail's hidden preferences.
keep your device clean and trouble-free
allows you to import and export your installed extension preferences
PrefsOverload is a full-featured tool for managing the Preferences Folder
An interface to Google Images that provides preferences for image searching: ...
Rediscover command bar - the feature that is missing on Treo phones!
Easy & powerful application uninstaller.
Allow you to remove orphaned/leftovered databases on your device memory.
xBack is a utility that allows you replace your desktop picture.
Bring the best of all your favorite social networks into a interactive interface
This Widget interfaces with Google Desktop Search, providing a much needed li...
Manage nearly all aspects of the preference system.
This application permits you to run a screensaver as a desktop picture.
The intelligent personal music manager for your PC.
More Internet is a System Preferences pane.