You'll be able to bulk post a message to thousands newsgroups
UK Post Offices Directory
Post Assistant is the ultimate Usenet bulk posting tool.
USENET Message Poster 2003: Advanced USENET Posting Tool
Post pictures, videos, or any other kind of binary files to the Usenet newsgroup
Fass is a forum post editor & automated post generator.
post-it notes,sticky notes
It will remind you of the date and time that you want to remember.
PC SMS Receiver is an application for receiving SMS messages on your PC.
It's like a message board with a brain.
Create sticky notes on desktop, set MP3 alarms, send it to others via Internet.
Open Letter Post. Post your open letters here.
A-SubmitRobo is a multi-post tool.
posting your ad to thousands and thousands message boards at the same time
Target Post - Post to 100s of Message Boards - Automatically!
Allows user to schedule tweets to be posted to theTwitter account automatically.
Post to S-Drive Stream in just one click.
Industrial-strength mail server for MacOS 9.x and below.