A Unix based secure tool for storage and retrieval of Oracle database passwords
A subversion client for Microsoft Office 2007
vss2svn is a Perl script ( and accompanying C program (ssphys.exe)
Repository Monitoring Software
Meets the needs of small to medium sized, geographically dispersed, multimedi
SWC Repository for Flash MX developers
Store and manage all of your passwords in an encrypted file
App-Repository provides a uniform API to access data in databases, file systems
File Colony converts content of file into repository data type.
A set of tools that facilitate sharing of changes between TFS and Git.
Cutting software for glass, wood, metal, plastic
Ruby script to pull code from a Trac repo browser.
Cvs logger is a freeware CVS log viewer.
It enables you to securely store and access your sensitive personal information.
TSQLCodeRepository is a powerful and robust tool for SQL Server database.
Helps scripters find Windows PowerShell scripts, snippets, modules.
Living Picture Maker Web Edition brings any photograph or picture to life.
CodeMiner CVS Manager is a web-based monitoring and reporting tool for your CVS.